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Jul 06

Traveling to hill station is always exciting, except for packing. Swaggytoon has assembled these packing tips for you to know what you definitely need.

Basics (Outwears)

1. Coat: Coats, Parkas, Jackets are necessary to have, it will keep you warm and cozy even if the temperature hits below 0 °C. But don't forget to keep them stylish, they make an attractive style statement.

2. Boots: To stay warm and avoid sickness or injuries, it is important to protect your feet during the winter. You can experience both snow and rain due to continuous variations in weather plus the chances of ground icing that can lead people to slip and fall during the winter. A pair of warm, waterproof and no-slip winter boots will keep you warm, dry and safe!


3. Gloves: During Winter's hands are usually the first body part to get cold very easily and they might become painful. In order to avoid any painful frost bites, keep them warm with a lovely pair of gloves. In extreme winter, mittens are the best option.


4. Sweaters/Pullovers: In bitterly cold winter times you need clothes that will keep you warm and cozy. Funky Sweaters/Pullovers look very stylish and will definitely turn heads around.


5. Muffler: Keep out the cold and Stay warm & stylish by flaunting a Muffler that covers your neck and chest.


6. Beanies:  They are the best alternative to ear warmers and jacket hoods. Keep it stylish by picking a color that goes with the winter clothing color palette.


7. Socks: Protect your feet from the cold with a nice pair of woolen socks.

8. Lip Balm and Lotion:  It's important to carry lip balm and lotion during winter to avoid dry skin and chapped lips.


9. Polarized Sunglasses:  Last but not least, it's always good to keep polarized sunglasses with you to protect your eyes from the extremely bright sun in the mountains.