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Jul 28

Do you have a favourite UX tool? Read on to see if it’s covered here in the list, and drop a comment which ones you love. List of some of the best tools to Enhance UX. Let’s check out:- 

1. Lookback

Now Broadcast your research with this trusted user research tool that allows you to record the screen, face, voice, and snaps/gesture of the user all in the same playback document. This goes far while looking into the information— syncing facial expressions and verbalised thoughts with the actual activity, in the same video, gives you more precise data than relying on one individual's clarification alone. It’s also a lot faster and doesn’t load with pointless cross-examinations.

Lookback works for iOS, OS X, AppleTV, and Android. 

2. UXPin

The collaborative design platform UXPin saves hundreds of hours of product development. It's flexible and easy-to-use interface enables you to create anything from wireframes to advanced prototypes for feedback from your team, which indicates you can invest more time getting to the right idea.

It has a  great library of components and its best feature is that you can upload all your design deliverables into the platform to create a “home base” for your work. You can also drag and drop Sketch files and Photoshop into the tool to model each layer of your mockup.

3. UserTesting

This research tool allows more involvement as compared to Lookback which is a more DIY research tool and has more flexible options.
UserTesting service can handle everything from recruiting the user,  administering the tests remotely, analysing the data, and delivering the data such as videos of the user, data analytics, presentation design. Even project managers can save everything on course.


A collaboration tool for remote group members, Mural works much like a  digital, multi-location whiteboard… though even better. It has a lot more potential as it can support documents and video files from YouTube, Google Drive, Vimeo Slideshare and Evernote.
The usability and interface are user-friendly like a real whiteboard. This UX tool proves to be useful, For those circumstances when you can't get everybody in a similar place in the meantime.

5. Reframer

A qualitative research tool Reframer helps you to not only collaborate on observations, as well as reveal patterns and examples in subjective information. Test-observers can capture, tag, and rate observations online and in real-time during the test.

While most other research tools concentrate on information accumulation, Reframer enhances coordinated effort, empowering more noteworthy cooperation from over the group, and information examination, with features aimed at pattern-finding.

6. Sketch

It is built for modern graphic designers. Works better, faster with the powerful features like Symbols and Shared Styles to make reusing elements quick and simple. More centred on interface design for the web and mobile apps and with many of the popular Photoshop features intact.
Sketch is only available for Mac.


7. XMind
It's like Mural but with more focus on organisation Xmind improves collaboration between your team and improves comprehension and avoids miscommunication. The best feature is its Mind Mapping, which visualizes your project’s goals, requirements, timeline, and progress.
XMind works even better with large groups with its automatic cloud storage.

8. Google Drawing
Google Drawing is an art tool that allows users to design basic shapes and diagrams with enough complexity to create charts. For UX designers, without the hassle of more involved apps like Photoshop, this means a quick and easy to create simple icons, buttons, and other visuals.
For easy synchronisation across all devices, Google Drive save all files created in Google Drawing.

So, Try the above-listed tools now to make your design faster and easier.